Media and Video Streaming. Introducing the Smart Pack. All your business will ever need.


Because your reputation means our reputation, we offer video personalization, interaction, start-stop options and everything that you and your customers may request.

Video processing

Your video processing needs will always be met by our dedicated team of professionals.
We work very hard on delivering tailored software solutions that exceed the limitations of various devices, so that you benefit from the full range of streaming methods – a fine-tuned process that provides the highest quality multi-screen operations.

Media delivery

As a top-notch video service provider, we make it our mission to stream perfectly on any consumer devices. Content delivery is our main concern and we make sure that our algorithms are perfectly suitable for any end-user. Our interface is adaptable to both private and public delivery networks and allows streaming to multiple destinations with high efficiency.


Having a fragmented customer pool means that you’ll need the right mix of solutions for their eclectic needs.

With Proper Support’s media streaming system you’ll be able to offer unlimited end-user possibilities. Just ask and we’ll provide them. We can provide top quality services, adaptable to your business profile.

Video encoding and automation
Video recording, editing and playback software
Cloud hosting and workflow management
Media content assembly and capture
Multiformat live media streaming
Streamline and content assembly
Live streaming production process
Desktop platform applications
VoIP and corporate conferencing solutions