While migration to IPv6 is not mandatory yet and IPv4 can still be used, this is possible only by acquiring IPv4 addresses from different sources. The entire process is very complex and involves several organizations that have to approve your request of buying or selling unused IP space.


Our goal is to make the process as transparent as possible by connecting you with the main organizations that handle these transactions.


If you already decided that you want to transfer your resources to the IPv6 environment, then it’s your time to make some money from the IPv4 assets that are left. We put you in contact with specialized managers and consultants that will guide you throughout the entire process.


With Proper Support Media you will get the best deals for IPv4 transactions and all the aspects of your purchase are included in our offers. We can advise you on all the steps including negotiation, contact generation, escrow services, letter of credit and the interaction with ARIN, APNIC or RIPE.


We can handle all interactions for you so you don’t have to waste time on finding the right contact persons and the entire documentation.


We are dedicated to helping customers buy or even sell IPv4 addresses and our reputation speaks about the work we’ve done over the time. We differentiate ourselves from the competition through our involvement, expertise and integrity.