The IPAM or IP address management is a complex process comprised by the planning, tracking and managing of Internet Protocol address space used in a network. Whether you are aware of the importance of this process or not, we are offering consulting services that will shed some light on technical matters that are difficult to tackle.


IPAM helps with the allocation and planning of IPv4 and IPv6 dynamic assignment through DHCP and DNS services.


It’s easy to lose track of so many complex technical terms and even for your technical team this can be overwhelming. Because we don’t want you to neglect your important tasks and duties we are offering a dedicated team which can help with the IP address management.


Even though there are now dedicated management software that can support and track the IP-allocation these cannot be used by anyone and contain complicated databases and spreadsheets. However, most of these dedicated solutions cannot handle the entire process: planning, tracking and management of new IPv6 addresses which require more attention than the IPv4 addresses.


There is one viable solution: Outsource these operations and call a consultant to help you out. We have experienced professionals that helped customers worldwide to make the best decision for their company. From now on you can easily concentrate on your core activities while our team handles the IP-allocation demands, monitors and coordinates all activities.