We are noticing nowadays that our society is trying to surpass the stigma of consumerism by adding purpose and value to what is being commercialized. This should be seen as a step forward because marketing campaigns and sales departments of many businesses are now trying to make us think before we buy. Maybe not all of them, but it’s still a big step. They are giving a meaning to their products, a story that we can relate to and at the same time they are improving their practices.

If you are on the other side of the hedge and you are eager to boost your sales funnel, this tendency is just one small, yet important factor to consider. In the quest of gaining customers you first need to think about gaining leads and prospects because they are those that will finally turn into customers. The challenge is to increase the percentage of leads that become customers. So how can you do this now, when the sales funnel has evolved to the digital era?

Don’t ignore the social psychology

It might seem a far-fetched theory but sales should first of all be based on human psychology. Paying attention to how people‘s thoughts and behaviors are influenced by certain factors is crucial.

One of the recurrent tendencies and something that has also proven to have success in reaching the audience is personalization. For example, people are no longer paying attention to standard emails received in their inbox. There should be something custom made for them in order to gain their interest.

Also invest time and energy in loyal customers because it turns out that they are those that can bring new customers. This is why you should have personalized emails to constantly raise their interest.

Talk through visuals

Just like everything digital, images have also evolved and they can worth even more than a thousand words. A picture will make your potential customers feel closer to your products and your brand and this has been done for decades now.

Today, however, technology allowed photos to come to life. People are used to see high resolution images and sometimes this is not enough to bring them closer to your product. Using dynamic pictures brings a touch of surprise and freshness. You can do this through active images, 360o pictures or even short videos.

Wise invitations to take action

Once more personalization has something to say. Even in the case of Call to Action buttons you should first think about what is more suggestive to you audience depending on certain criteria. The CTA should be appropriate not only from the point of view of the products you sell but also from the buyer’s perspective. What makes them click and to what they are more likely to react? Best CTA come from brands that invest in understanding their potential and current customers because it makes it easier to personalize the Call to Action.

Obviously these are just some steps that will guide your brand to the sales funnel you want. An effective sales funnel requires good knowledge, wise decisions, as well as receptiveness to the complex human mind.